University Education

Our Squad is Proficient in Website & Apps Solutions. having 12 years of experience developing websites and apps in Education Industry. Heading Towards House Cloud Based Software Solutions.


Providing Solutions using PHP, Angular, NodeJs, Java, Android, iOS, for Website & Apps. Also using Frame work like CodeIgniter, Laravel. Also using CMS Like Wordpress, Drupal, Magento for Website Development.


Clients related to these indusries are those who are running University, College, School Edcuations, Private Educations. Some Popular Education Brands are using our web and app development services timely, and they are happy with our services.

Website & App Plugins

Courses Management, Student Management, Teacher Management, Client Dashboard, Private Tutor Portal, Online Education, Digital WhiteBoard, FAQs, Examinations & Result Management, Certficates Management.

Special Plugins We Built

Fee Plugin, Enquiry, Video Recording Online Education Tool, FAQs

API We Integrated

EMAIL API, SMS API, Google API, Payment API, LiveChat API

The projects are completed with Full Satisfaction and Grace with client side. Clients from USA, UK, Australia, Ukrain.

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